Marty's Local supports our regional food system and our community in a variety of ways.

For farmers and food producers, we:

—Find markets and buyers so that you can focus on the quality of your products rather than on sales and marketing

—Provide fair and timely payment

—Ensure that your business is identified as the source of the product(s)

—Seek out markets for your seconds

—Support your specialty crops, such as heirloom, heritage, and ancient varieties

—Pick up and deliver your products or work with distributors to arrange efficient freight logistics

For colleges, hospitals, restaurants, resorts, schools, elder-care facilities, and grocers, we:

—Aggregate foods from multiple farmers and producers so that you can work with one business and one invoice rather than dozens

—Provide your clients and customers with a broad selection of fresh, nutritious, local foods

—Arrange on-time delivery of consistently high-quality products

—Forage for uncommon and worthy foods to keep your offerings exciting and flavorful

For everyone in our regional food system, we will:

—Maintain an unrelenting focus on reliable customer service

—Potentially make available Marty's Local branded foods

—Potentially offer light processing and packaging for optimal end customer experience

—Potentially provide dry, refrigerated, and frozen storage space

—Organize visits to farms and food producers